Printer not found while using adobe reader

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Greetings from london, I am at home from a day long training, bringing me home some PDF files from the training, I want to review it, so I open it using adobe reader, I am not comfortable reading long notes using computer, so I decided to print the file, when I am about to print, an error was encountered, adobe reader cannot find my printer.

Adobe Reader

Before you can perform print-related tasks such as page setup or printing a you need to install a printer.

As I analyzed the error, it is pointing to my printer, so I check my printer, there is a printer installed on my computer, I decided to remove the printer and install it again, when I try again to print the PDF file, same error appeared, please help me figure out some solution to the problem, waiting for some replies.

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Printer not found while using adobe reader


I heard this problem before, last time, my friend cost a lot of time to print a PDF files. Try as follow:

Someone does not use legal copy XP and Win 7 will have this computer, so, make sure your system is legal copy.

Run other software, like word, excel etc. make sure other software can print.

Check you PDF files, some PDF files do not allow print, because it is secret.

Did you print PDF files before? PDF files need a virtual printer, make sure you install it. Probably, I think you did not install whole software of Adobe, try install it again.

Install software to open this file and print it.

Click "run" in "start" and type: net start "Print Spooler" to try.

Good luck.

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Printer not found while using adobe reader



First check if you physical printer is set as default printer on your computer. If your printer is set up as default printer then download Microsoft Program install and uninstall troubleshooter and try to scan your computer, maybe you have some broken registry files that should be fixed. If troubleshooter does not resolve your problem you have to uninstall Adobe reader and install a new version.

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