PC Error: PC Fan has failed

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 My best friend’s computer is experiencing the following error message every time he started his personal computer “PC fan has failed” while the black screen on the other hand can be observed. Then it directed him to hit the F2 for him to proceed to the next interface. Before, it took for about 5 minutes for his computer to shut down but recently he had observed that it already took for about 10 to 15 minutes to shut down.

One of our friends suggested to him to open the case of the system unit to double check if the fan is mounted properly and we found out that the fan is in the correct connector. We also cleaned the fan as well as the rest of the motherboard and restarted the computer again, but the same error has been displaying.

Can you please tell me what’s wrong in this situation?


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PC Error: PC Fan has failed

  •  First you can use software’s to control you fan speed.  This software can help in looking you PC Temperature, and thus can control it also. So you can down load one of this software’s. The one is available at:
  •  http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php
  • It’s also free to download.
  • Secondly you can check you system "BIOS" and can update them to your requirements. BOIS are programs that boot the system. It also control the fan speed so may be the default is there. 

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PC Error: PC Fan has failed


Hay Betsy, First your try to follow steps as given below

  • Go to BIOS
  • Power Maintenance
  • Hardware Monitor
  • See what is CPU fan speed is mentioned it. First try to amend it with some bigger value and then try it after saving changes. My system is working properly at 1010, 2500.

Second Possibility is that your CPU fan itself has gone damaged or ablaze or might be its sensor to monitor speed is not working. In this case, consult your vendor if still your system in warranty.

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