Overclocking using Intel brand mother board

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How can we do over clocking using an intel brand mother board? Which motherboard series is better for over clocking?


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Overclocking using Intel brand mother board


Hello Justin.

There are usually two ways to overclock a motherboard. The first and most preferred way is through the BIOS. The second way is through software control. To overclock an Intel motherboard you will need to use its tweaking utility named Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel® XTU). Take note, however, that Intel XTU only supports a few motherboard models.

You can check out if your motherboard model is supported through this link

If your motherboard is not supported by XTU, you could try Intel® Desktop Control Center. Unlike XTU, it supports more of the older motherboards. Check out this link to see if your motherboard is supported

As to your question on which motherboard brand is better for overclocking, I would say Gigabyte and Asus are both equally good at overclocking and both are better than Intel in this aspect.  Both Gigabyte and Asus also release motherboards that are particularly built for overclocking.  

Check out their respective websites to choose which motherboard models are suited for overclocking.

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