Notepad opens an unreadable ShellClassInfo message

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Whenever I open my desktop computer the notepad automatically opens with a message like this:

[email protected]%SystemRoot%system32shell32.dll,-21787

I don't understand a single word or characters from this error. Though it doesn't seem to cause any more problems, I just find it disturbing that every time I opened my computer this will always appear and that I have to just close it. I want to know how to stop this error from appearing. But first of all, I want to know what is causing this error to trigger every time I boot up.

I already run the SFC /SCAN NOW command to the windows command prompt to instantly initiate or start the WFP or the Windows File Protection, but I really have no luck. I don't remember making any specific changes to my computer's system to make this happen. I repeatedly run Spyware removal tools and Norton 360 but no errors or infections are even recognized.

I searched online and they said, all I need to do is to clean my desktop for any unused icons, programs or software. I already did that but it doesn't change anything. I am running Windows Vista Starter Edition. I also read about an article that this error has something to do with boot. ini and that I need to hide something. But I hardly understand the instructions.

Please help me fix this.

Thank you.

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Notepad opens an unreadable ShellClassInfo message



There are two reasons why a notepad with that message appears whenever you start up your computer.

One reason is that Desktop.ini exists in one or more of the following location on your computer:

  • C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuProgramsStartup
  • C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart MenuPrograms
  • C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersStart Menu

And your Desktop.ini contains a line

Either way, why this happened is unknown, it could be a virus, so I suggest a scan before trying to fix it. Now to resolve your issue, you can do one of the following:

Delete the Desktop.ini file

  • Open the Windows Explorer, go to Tools->Folder Options then navigate to the View tab.
  • Under Advanced Settings clear the check on Hide extensions for known file types and Hide protected operating system files by clicking it and click OK.
  • Now go to the locations I specified above, find the Desktop.ini  in each of them, right click then choose Open.
  • Verify if the Desktop.ini contains the line [.ShellClassInfo] [email protected]%SystemRoot%system32shell32.dll,-21787
  • If so, delete that Desktop.ini.
  • Restart your computer and confirm if the problem still occurs.

Use the System Configuration Utility to disable the Startup item

  • Click Start in the search text box type run, in the search result click Run.
  • In Run, type msconfig and then click OK.
  • Go to the Startup tab.
  • Clear the checkbox on any desktop entry in the Startup item column that are listed as column Startup.
  • Click OK.
  • Restart your computer and verify if the problem still occurs
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Notepad opens an unreadable ShellClassInfo message


To make it sure, I followed all the suggestions given above, with luck and with your help karmen, my problem is now fixed.

Thank you.

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