My Desktop asks to close all programs

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Hello friends,

I am using HP – Pavilion Slimline Desktop – 4GB with Windows 8.1 (64 bit) operating system in it. It was working fine so far.

From today it started getting strange issue. When I start my computer and open few applications (not many) all of sudden it is showing a message to close all programs to shut down the system. When I close all programs it is being shut down immediately. If I restart the system it will again show the same message.

What is the issue with my PC? In summer here the room gets heated and the Air Condition is not working. Is this a problem? How can I rectify this issue? Please advise. Kind regards!

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My Desktop asks to close all programs


I once have an HP Pavilion Slimline and guess what? It's not working anymore. The problem with it is, since it has a small power supply, motherboard and more, it usually overheats. Or maybe the VRM or the Voltage Regulator Module is causing the issue. It is made of caps, chokes, ICs and more handling the electrical voltage for the CPU and motherboard. If its over or under the voltage level, it will cause frequent shut downs in your computer. If your Slimline is till under warranty, try to bring it to the store where you purchased it. It is hard to replace or touch anything from the CPU of your computer as everything is integrated into the motherboard, and if you don't know what you are doing, it will just add additional harm to your machine.

But I think, it is more of a overheating issue. Doing multiple tasks will make your computer even hotter. Especially if your fan is always running. To help you resolve this, try to remove the dust in the heatsink of your CPU, motherboard and more. Just be very careful. Or use your machine in a room with a very cold temperature.

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