Norton Antivirus updates failed to complete

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Every time the Antivirus were out of date the failed error message appeared.

If the updates were unable to complete what I do is to restore factory settings so that the Antivirus would be updated. I don't want to do that every time the Antivirus runs out of date to do the factory settings as it's just a waste of time.

Do you guys know other techniques on how to update the Antivirus without the failure notice? I want the Antivirus to be updated immediately without any error occurring.

Please, do you have an advice regarding this problem?

Until now my Antivirus is not fixed.

Thank you.

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Norton Antivirus updates failed to complete



Regarding your problem about your Norton Antivirus is failed to update. But before we solve your problem first I need to ask some questions about it.

1. Is your Norton Antivirus Piracy?
2. When did these problems start?

In Order to solve this problem make sure that you are using an original copy of Norton Antivirus because if you are just using trials or piracy copy. These two options can affect your computer.

1. Your computer will give you some error because the system has detected that you are using a piracy copy of their software.

2. If you are using an original copy of Norton Antivirus but these processing always remains maybe because your serial key of Norton Antivirus has already expired. The reason for this is that every time you purchase an original copy of Norton software it has also a expiration date but this is more too long compared to the trial version, maybe you already reached the maximum time for your Norton Antivirus for it to be expired and you need to renew another key so that you can use again your Norton Antivirus or you need to buy another one because it is already expired.

3. If you are using the trial version of Norton, it is also good to use a trial version but always look to the days remaining because after 30 days your trial version will be expired and you need to purchase the full copy of their software.

4. Try also to reinstall the software as maybe this problem is giving you this message because it didn’t install correctly, so that this problem always appear every time you update the software.

If you cannot afford to buy an original copy of Norton Antivirus, why don’t you use another free Antivirus like Avast Antivirus, Comodo Antivirus, Avira, AVG free edition. I think these are some of the Anti viruses that has a free edition software. The benefits you can get are,

1. You will not have a problem regarding to the serial keys.
2. Less cost of money because it is already free all you have to do is to download it from the site.
3. Some Antivirus are Automatically Updatable and Automatic to Scan your entire system. Like Avast and AVG,Comodo, Avira Antivirus is manual to update but it is Automatic to scan.

You cannot update your computer in offline mode. Every update need an internet connection the reason is because in updating the software, it always connects to the server of that software to get some updates. I hope this information will help your problem

Thank you.


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Norton Antivirus updates failed to complete



Check the following points to find if any of the solutions works for you.

1. Check if Automatic Live Update is turned ON. You can find this in Computer Settings and you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the list to see it. Also check that pulse updates are ON as well.
2. Beside this if updating fails, is everything else with NIS working normally? Also, do you have any other security software installed on your computer. If yes, then uninstall it and restart the system and try again.
3. Is the NIS you are using a trial version or a full version. If it's a trial one then install a full one (from here. and product key from Norton Account) having all the full fleshed features available.
4. If you use identity safe you should back up this data first. From the main NIS window please click on Web Settings>>> Identity Safe>>> Backup Identity Safe Data.

Then please install NIS 2010 from the full version that was downloaded earlier. Once installed please reconnect back to the Internet and run Live Update repeatedly (rebooting as requested) until it reports there are no more updates.

Hope this helps.

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