No game ownership on steam

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I have some problem in running this game which worked fine until this morning. It seems like being a problem with steam. I have waited for 2-3 days, maybe it will be fixed, but not happened. I have checked all the settings again and nothing is changed. Is anyone available to help to fix this error with steam and tell me how can I prevent this in the future ?

Thank you !

No game ownership on steam

You’ve started game under a steam account, but that account does not I have The War Z game ownership


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No game ownership on steam


Hi Katherine

The WarZ game on steam had some issues with Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks in the past. This means hackers flood the server and not let legitimate users login and play the game. The server usually gets reset once they know about the issue and block the malicious accounts. If that is the case this time, you have to wait it out.

However, this issue comes up for other games as well as sometimes the server side change of keys and passwords make your own password invalid. Changing/ resetting your password helps in those scenarios. I recommend you change your password and check if your game launches. If not then wait for Steam to stop the DoS attack.

Hope this helps.



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