How to put subtitles in a movie

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Hello there. Anyone who can instruct me on how to put subtitles in a movie? I have a lot of movies and I badly want to put subtitles in it. Please also mention the software so that I can download and familiarize myself on using it. Thank you so much. 

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How to put subtitles in a movie


Place your video file and subtitle file in the same folder and then try any of the following;

1. Using TEncoder

Download TEncoder > Open the video file in TEncoder > Select your video conversion options > Enable the subtitles > Enable two passes for the encode > Start encoding.

2. Using VirtualDub

Download VirtualDub > Download the Subtitler filter > Convert your subtitles > Load the video in VirtualDub > Add the subtitles > Set the compression > Start encoding. 

3. Using VLC Player

Download and install VLC Player > Download the subtitles file for the video > Place the subtitle file into the same folder as your video > Open the movie in VLC > Load the subtitles. 

N.B. The movie will not consist of subtitle. You need the subtitle file for viewing them.

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How to put subtitles in a movie


There are many ways to put your subtitle into the movies. Before proceeding, ensure your subtitle and movie are in the same folder and the file name (except with a different extension).

Example: Hero1.avi and


Choose one of the following:

1.   Play with VLC Media Player (if VLC is your default video player)

a.   Open Windows Explorer, then choose a video file, double left click to run the file.

b.   On the VLC movie playing screen, perform right click, then choose Subtitle, then Open file. A windows explorer will appear, choose the subtitle file and click open.

c.   Beside step b, you could drag subtitle file directly onto the VLC movie playing screen.


2.   Using MKVToolnix software.

a.   Make sure you had the installed MKVToolnix and open it. Application display will appear.

b.   Click Add on the input tab, Choose and input the video and subtitle file one by one. Then click Start Muxing.

c.   Video and subtitle combining process will appear, wait until the process finish and then click ok.


3.   Using Any Video Converter (AVC) software.

a.       Make sure you had the installed AVC and open it. Application display will appear.

b.      Click Add or Drag video, choose video file. Then click on the no subtitle text, choose Add Subtitle.

c.       On the Output field, choose type of video output you required (such as .avi, .mkv)

d.      Click Convert Now and wait until the converting process is done.

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