Invalid or Unsupported File Format in ImgBurn

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I am using ImgBurn for burning Blu-Ray video disks. It has support for CDI images but not for multi-session images. Is this the reason why I am getting an “Invalid or unsupported image file format” error when I try to load an image from Dreamcast? If so, what do I need to resolve it? Please help.


Invalid or unsupported image file format!


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Invalid or Unsupported File Format in ImgBurn


Well, that will a problem resulting due to trying to burn unsupported file images as the error message has indicated. If you are trying to burn an image file, then you will have to check it and make sure that it has the extension as *.iso, otherwise that is not an image file. Or if it is with some other extension that is used for image files, then fine. But if you are sure that the file is a right image file, then the problem is possibly with the image burner itself. It could be corrupt, and therefore you will need to get a workaround on it:

  • You can choose to reinstall the ImgBurn application, but I will not recommend that because it seems to have a lot of limitations.
  • I will recommend that you obtain an alternative image burning application and install, and some that I will recommend are ashampoo burning studio and Nero express.

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Invalid or Unsupported File Format in ImgBurn


CDI image format is indeed supported by ImgBurn but only the basic single session and single track disc images are supported. If your CDI file is a multisession, ImgBurn will not be able to burn it on a blank Blu-ray disc. Multisession images of any image formats are not supported by ImgBurn. If you have your Blu-ray disc with you, try creating a single session of that disc with ImgBurn.

That’s the only way ImgBurn can burn the Blu-ray image. Also, before burning a Blu-ray image, make sure your optical drive supports Blu-ray burning or you are using a Blu-ray writer. If you need to burn a multisession CDI file, try using Alcohol 120%. Alcohol 120% can burn multisession disc images and it supports CDI image formats.

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