Adobe Live Cycle ES4 error in turnkey install

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Hi experts,

I have this error during the install of Adobe LIVECYCLE ES4 and I don’t know what to do. I meet all the system requirements, the installer is for Windows 7, downloaded from Adobe website and still. Any solution for this error ? How can I solve this, help me please.

Thank you !



Turnkey Install Error

Ports In Use

Turnkey Install Verification Error:

The following port(s) are required for the Turnkey JBoss instance, but are still in use: 8080

Another instance may be running or another application may be using some of the required parts.


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Adobe Live Cycle ES4 error in turnkey install



Sometimes it happens because your antivirus uses this port and check it.

New version of some famous antivirus ( such as AVAST ) added a setting that hijack 8080 port.

It is in Setting > Troubleshooting menu.

Try to remove port 8080 from the HTTP port(s) or Disable checking ports by your antivirus for the time of installation.

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