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Hi Experts,

I was trying to program the AVR flash with AVRISP MKII and AVR Studio when I got this error message below.  I am a newbie in this field and I didn’t what’s wrong. 

Please help me out here, guys.  I need your expertise. 

Thanks in advance.


There seems to be a short circuit on the ISP connector.

The RESET line(s) appear to be short-circuited.

The operation will be aborted.

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You need to be aware that AVRISP mkii does not offer support programming of any non-MEGA micros other than the Tiny series and some few others. Some of the non-Mega micros it does not support are 90S8515 and the ATMEGA8515. To solve the problem you are experiencing, you will need to get the latest updates to AVR Studio which should have all service patches.

With the service packs installed AVRISP mkii functionality will be added to the AVR Studio. In case you have the AVR Studio and the service packs already installed, then all you need to do is install the USB Driver as follows:

1. On your computer, to the control panel.
2. Click on Add/remove programs
3. From the programs list select AVR Studio
4. And then click on the  "Change" button
5. Next click on Modify
6. And then click "install/upgrade USB Driver"

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