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What are the network rules of conduct for the selection of the Windows clients.

If for some reason you do not want to use TCP / IP?

What method should used to recover data encrypted with Encrypting File System (EFS)?

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Hi Jane,


It’s strange that you don’t want TCP/IP because TCP/IP is everywhere on the web.

However there is an alternative to TCP/IP it’s called the OSI.

OSI is mostly used by telecom companies and security agencies. TCP/IP has 4 layers but OSI has 7 layers. The OSI use NSAPs (Network Service Access Point) instead of giving the IP address which can be very lengthy.

But it’s hard to find an OSI connection. OSI was available for commercial use. But in now days TCP/IP has took over the web. But it’s not impossible to have an OSI.


To recover data encrypted with Encrypting File System (EFS) use software like,

 Advanced EFS DATA Recovery


EFS key