Create Wireless Signal via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

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I have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) flash drive. I need to have a wireless available either via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The backpack has to be mobile with a battery. The worst situation is to get a Raspberry Pi. I have to connect a battery, a Wi-Fi adapter and USB memory device. How can it be done?

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Create Wireless Signal via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth


By a USB flash drive you mean a modem, or what? Because a do not understand how you can use a USB flash drive to access the internet when it does not have internet connection settings. But I will suggest the following workaround for you:

  • In case you need to access wi-fi internet from your laptop, then you will need to have wi-fi network enabled at the place that you are, and you can contact an ISP close to you and have them fix for you one.
  • You can use a USB modem, which you can purchase from mobile phone shops, and access internet from your computer.
  • You can also access internet from a wi-fi enabled phone from your laptop. You can use dial up or bluetooth connection to connection the phone with the laptop.

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