NB Frequency Similar to HT Link

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I have just Oced my phenom II X4 965 black edition CPU from 3.4 Ghz to 4.2 Ghz. I did it successfully but there is something very strange.

I tried to adjust the NB frequency but in doing so I was not able to get a stable system so I just set it to auto. I don’t know if it's safe to set it as auto or not. Should I adjust it to a higher frequency or let it set as auto?

I am attaching a screenshot below of the settings I have been using for almost 2 weeks and did not face any issues.

Using the above mentioned settings I didn’t get any crash or BSODs but I am still not satisfied with the results. My system is running very slow especially when it comes to the OS start up. The speed is very less, and I expected it to increase.

Finally,I adjusted the settings of NB frequency to 2205.1 with 1.340v and ran prime95 blend for 30 minutes. Fortunately I received no errors or BSODs. I tried  to adjust it to an ever higher frequency but of no use as I got 2-3 cores getting errors on running prime95.

Any suggestions are most welcome to sort out the issue.

Waiting for your replies



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NB Frequency Similar to HT Link


I’m not really sure what you are doing but I think you are trying to overclock your processor to make it a lot faster than the usual.

I wish you searched the web first for some very important facts about the pros and cons of overclocking CPUs.

The worst scenario that you might get is completely throwing away your processor in the garbage because it got broken as a result of the overclocking thing.

There are only few users who managed to overclocked their CPUs successfully but they are all experienced people and follow strict procedures in overclocking their device. For one thing, overclocking will really void your CPU’s warranty.

And not only that, it will also decrease your processors’ lifespan. Be careful in setting your processor to a much higher frequency because this might permanently damage the device.

You must also use proper cooling effects for your CPU to maintain or decrease the heat generated by the processor.

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