Windows Live on XP Pro 64bits

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Hi folks,

Please allow me to post here my problem in installing windows live, an error message appeared on my screen and inform me with compatibility issue, see below the screen shot I pasted.

Windows Live

Couldn’t install programs

Sorry, you cannot install the programs you’ve chosen on this operating system.

Error: os_check: 0x80280004

Next steps: Check: the system requirement for more details.

This problem all started when I shifted to windows XP Pro 64bits, before with 32bits there is no problem, I also saw somebody using windows live messenger on a XP Pro 64bits, that is why I am thinking why when I installed it on my XP Pro 64bits it won't work, I can't figure out what I miss, or do I need some other files in order for this to run on XP Pro 64bits,

Please share your thoughts on my issue,


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Windows Live on XP Pro 64bits


Hi good day in this kind of error make sure you have installed the windows updates,

That’s all.

Thank you..

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Windows Live on XP Pro 64bits


It doesn't mean if you installed a higher operating system than before then it would work in all aspects. The reason why it failed to install programs like the one you've experienced is due to missing updated files like DirectX, .Net frameworks, Fonts, Java etc. On your previous 32bit, it work fine because of existing files running in the system(the ones in bold).

Make use of some help offers in the error messages like "Get help with this error" as it will show more detailed cause why your system is not accepting to install. But I believe that this error occurred due to software incompatibilities. What the error message say was right. You have to check the system requirements of the program for more details where you will be able to determine if it pass or fail the said requirements for the program.

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Windows Live on XP Pro 64bits


This is a software compatibility issue. Your copy of windows live messenger might be the 32 bit version. There is some software that runs both in 32 bit and 64 bit but not all of them. Like what you have is the 32 bit version of windows live which does not support 64 bit operating system.  The simplest solution for your problem is to search windows live for 64 bit operating system. You can find it on the internet just search it on Google.

By the way, for your information, installing of windows live in Windows XP is an issue to Microsoft today because they have stop support to Microsoft Windows XP. But still, don’t lost hope; computer geeks are there for you to have windows live in your computer. Just take a time to search for this software.

Alternative solution is to look for a messenger that is the same capabilities with windows live also compatible with 64 bit operating system.

Good luck!


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