My Triple-channeled RAM is not working on my new system.

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I just created a new system but something doesn’t seem right. My PC specifications include a Gigabyte EX58-Extreme, a CPU i7, a Sapphire 4850 and a triple channel of 3GB’s of RAM. I’m currently using Windows XP SP3 32-bit.
When I run my system I get an error saying that I have insufficient memory. After I got this message I googled the error and found a solution suggesting I take one 1GB of RAM out to make it work. Sure enough it did! But I’m not satisfied. Now my pc tells me that I have 2GB’s of RAM installed and doesn’t tell me I have a triple channel…
Can someone please help me get the 3rd stick of RAM working?



There is not enough memory available to run safely.Please free up more hard drive space and/or close other applications and try again.

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My Triple-channeled RAM is not working on my new system.



I have understood your problem well. I had this problem with my laptop.

This should be the problem you having.

When we use 32 bit operating system and a RAM which size is higher than 2 GB , it only use 2 GB of RAM. Other space of the RAM is shared with the VGA card or it is not usable.  That is why your system shows you have 2 GB RAM.

In order to get full usage of the RAM you have to install 64 bit operating system. Then it will get the full usability of the RAM.

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