Why is Digiboo’s movie kiosks so limited?

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What are the factors so that Digiboo's movie kiosks so limited?

How to use it?

Is it only for Windows-enabled PC, laptop or tablet? If yes, why?

When is it going to be available for all?

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Why is Digiboo’s movie kiosks so limited?


Hello Saraah,

Up to now, the Digiboo's movie kiosks have been extremely limited by several factors,  before you can even think of the fact that they are made up of content that is SD only. First of all, the movie kiosks require that the people who use them carry around a USB stick, and second of all they have had the capacity to migrate rentals onto a windows device.

Currently, the company has been able to get rid of the major hurdles on its passage to relevance, and it does that by making possible the wireless transfers to any PC that is windows enabled, a laptops or even a tablet. This is like a next step for Digiboo, as well as its support for Android.



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