Pentium M Computer stops responding

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MY Laptop is a bit older but I use Windows XP professional version 2002 which is service pack 3 and,

The XP version is shown that its a PATHOLOGY_XP_2010 version
This picture of my Computer's properties shows all detailed of my laptop. It has Pentium M processor with 1.6 GHZ and 512 MB of RAM. The XP version is shown that its a PATHOLOGY_XP_2010 version. I am a bit confused about it is there any version of XP? More over i have face some problem when i tried to play some games or movies. Some times the PC stops responding I don't understand Why.
Is there some problem with my Operating System or my Laptop? How can I identify the component that has the problem which makes the system not responding? Is there any way to solve this problem? Please tell me I am having too much problem so I will be glad if any one shows me the right way to solve this problem.
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Pentium M Computer stops responding



I can see that you’re having some bad days with our computer being not operating properly. The problem you’re facing is a big problem. Since you’re not getting actual performance form your computer. So here I’m giving some reason why you’re facing such problem. And possible solutions to that problems.
1. The problem you’re facing is with your Laptop not your operating system. As your laptop having 512 MB of RAM it is really hard for your computer to give proper service. Since RAM is a big issue. Now-a-days 512 MB RAM is not available at all. So you can see that how old your laptop is. On the other hand most of the software requires minimum 1 GB RAM.
  • So purchasing a bigger size RAM will be more effective.
2. Your computer having only 1.6 GHz processor makes it harder for the computer to operate. As you said it’s old Laptop so I can’t blame you. Because the processor is an important part of your Laptop. The higher the processor the higher the performance.
  • So getting a higher GHz like 2.60 GHz will be much effective for better performance.
3. As you mentioned that it’s a old model. But your using a higher version of Windows XP into your laptop. The service pack 3 requires min 1 or 2 GB of RAM and 2. 30 GHz or Higher processor to run properly. As you can see having a 1.6 GHZ processor and 512 MB of RAM makes it hard for your laptop to run the service pack 3.
  • So using lower version like Service pack 1 or service pack 2 may be effective.
4. The problem you’re facing regarding playing multimedia like Audio or Video it’s also related with processor and operating system. Whenever the XP service pack 3 tries to play it the processor doesn’t support playing high quality videos or 320 kbps sized audio song.
  • So using lower a version of XP like Service pack 1 or service pack 2 will solve the problem of playing audio or video.
5. Playing games will reduce the performance of your laptop. I think most of the games wont be played into your laptop since most of the games now-a-days require more RAM and Processor to operate.
  • So try to play those games which require less RAM and Processing power.
More ever I’m giving you some tips how to get better performance in low configuration laptops.
  • Use lower version of operating system.
  • Don’t install too much software or heavy software.
  • Use “C-Cleaner” for deleting temporary files.
  • Run Disk Defragment frequently.
  • Protect your computer from virus.
  • Don’t heavy your hard disk with lots of files.
  • Show your computer to technician for better performance.
  • Install the driver software properly.
  • Don’t run higher level games. etc.
Hope for the best. Take care.
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Pentium M Computer stops responding


Hi Mate,

Here is my go on your query.

Cause of Personal Computer, Laptop, Netbook, Tablet PC and etc., assuming that the devices are windows based platform. Most but not all windows based devices are prone to hang up or not responding due to some improper configuration of the devices during the installation of the operating system please bear in mind that when using WINDOWS BASED OPERATING SYSTEM.

Make sure it is GENUINE not modified or PIRATED VERSIONS for sure when it is not ORIGINAL IT WILL HAVE PROBLEMS when you go online even if you do some tweaking of your Operating System Configuration such as turning off WINDOWS UPDATE which is fine if you go offline but sooner or later when you go online you got a problem because most of the web based or internet based application requires updates i. e. link libraries (DLLs) not to mention the other third party software’s like flash player, shock ware, codec packs and etc. This particular solutions are applicable to all WINDOWS BASED OPERATING SYSTEMS.

Troubleshooting and Solutions:

1. If you bought the unit along with its pre-installed operating system don’t forget to look for the certificate of authenticity (COA) then test it and go online and visit the Microsoft website Click Here Then check your operating system if it pass the validation for authentic operating system if not ask the vendor and have it replaced.

2. If you bought the unit with no operating system included but the vendor gave you a modified or pre-installed windows operating system, to be honest most people don’t want to pay for the operating system and preferred to use modified or pirated operating system before you accept the unit make sure again to validate your operating system at Microsoft website and if it did pass but after a few days, weeks or months and still you are having trouble such as when you go online your computer hangs up a lot even if you did restart your computer, if you experience this try to apply the following solutions:

  • Restart your computer press F8 in the keyboard when a screen prompts, select safe with networking then press enter and wait till the windows boot up completely try surfing the web, if you’re not having any problem at all you need to replace your operating system with a better version or BUY THE ORIGINAL. And if you don’t want to buy it you can download a better modified version of your desired windows operating systems.



  • If you don’t want to re-install your operating system you can always try the following solutions by simply pressing all together the CONTROL, ALT AND DELETE keys in your keyboard then a selection screen pops up then select START TASK MANAGER and check and note the number of PROCESSES, CPU USAGE AND PHYSICAL MEMORY, if the processes, CPU usage and physical memory are overloaded even if you are not running any applications at all then RUN any updated antivirus and anti spyware to check for possible infections then remove it.

3. If your operating systems hangs up or stop responding when you are playing any web based multimedia or movies, make sure you have installed all required plug-ins and codec packs.

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