My Home LAN Network Problem

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I networked a computer.

One is a Desktop and the other one is a Laptop.  In Desktop I use Windows XP and in Laptop I use Windows 7.  My Internet Connection are in Laptop and shared on Desktop. 

Both PC's Communication work well but If I am working on Laptop and after sometime when  I start my Desktop, then the problem occurred.

My laptop turns to a BLUE screen and restarts and then I can't  use the Internet on the desktop.

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My Home LAN Network Problem


Hello there,

Well the blue screen on your laptop is not due to networking or shared Internet connection. As you said you are using Windows 7 in your laptop so for Windows 7 users this is a common problem and this basically happens due to drivers. Its time to update your drivers and also turn ON the Driver verifier. If any of the drivers or file is corrupted then and only then it results into a BLUE Screen and Restarts. It can also be a serious hardware problem or Memory issue.

Well I would suggest you to update all the drivers and turn ON the driver verifier and check, if still the problem persists then its time to service your laptop. Hope it works,


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My Home LAN Network Problem


Precisely, you can’t use your desktop for browsing the Internet because your Internet connection comes from your laptop; because your laptop shared your Internet connection to your desktop.

You can transfer your Internet connection into your desktop. Just move the cable from your laptop or the device that is connected into your laptop to your computer. If it is connected on the LAN port, connect on the LAN port of your desktop; if it is a USB connection, connect to your desktop computer USB port.

Now, regarding the blue screen in your laptop, there are so many reasons why blue crush happens. Your computer or laptop might be infected with a virus or, you may be having a hardware or software problem. Most of this would have happened when your memory is busted. This includes your video memory; Driver issues and power problems. So you must check your computer based on those points.

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My Home LAN Network Problem


Hi there Aburashelmoni,

It is weird that your laptop turns Blue when you turn on your desktop.  We need more details.

When does this happen? What program did you open when this happens? How many times does this issue occurred?  What was the last thing that you did before this issue occurred?  Does then happen when you share information?

How is everything connected (like modem>>router/hub/switch>>computers)? Are you using a ROUTER or a MODEM ROUTER? A switch or a hub?  What is the error code when the blue screen appears?

Well, if you are sharing information from your Desktop to your Laptop, there's a possibility that Windows 7 security is not allowing the file to go through – exceptions.  This is not a problem with your network but pretty much the system.

The blue screen, also referred to as Blue Screen of Death or BSOD, would also indicate that there is a driver problem.  It could be outdated, corrupt or incorrect. The best way to do this is to reinstall and update your system driver.  This will ensure that all hardwares has the correct driver and all bugs are fixed.

Hope this helps.  ^_^

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