Server denied connection to remote SSL VPN server

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I need to connect to a remote SSL VPN server. The configuration is such that the firewall is attached to the Internet, and the VPN server is between the firewall and the intranet, which makes it a VPN server behind the firewall connection.

The problem is that, it cannot connect to the VPN server. The firewall is configured with input and output filters on its Internet interface, which allows access only to the SSL port of the VPN sever.

My computer is running Windows Server 2003, patches. When I try to connect I get the error;

“Windows Terminal Server Proxy

 The Server denied the connection. ”

I don’t administer the VPN server and I am able to access the VPN from a direct DSL connection. I have checked and found out that the PC is not having any personal firewall or VPN software. Windows firewall is disabled.

Can someone guide me on, where to look for the problem or how to solve it?

Thanks all.

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Server denied connection to remote SSL VPN server



Make sure that you have these installed in your computer.
  1. Java 1.4 or higher
  2. MS patch KB 884020
  3. Admin rights on the computer
  4. Enable Java support in the browser
  5. Enable ActiveX in the browser
  6. If you have Anti-virus programs.
  • Try to check whether the firewall is not blocking your connection. It might be that you have more than one Antivirus program installed. Even the trial version of some security software can block traffic.
  • Check your Currently Installed Programs, in your computer. Look for any security software, aside from the one you're really using.
  • Uninstall those software, as having more than one security software installed in your computer can cause connection problems and compatibility issues. I'm not referring to the Windows firewall here. 
Check also, the network settings on your computer. Make sure that you are using, the correct network connection for your computer. 
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Server denied connection to remote SSL VPN server


Dear Ronald,

First reboot the system everything will work fine again. It is a known issue. The reason for this is probably hanging on the process within the device. Unfortunately, you do not see this. It happens in rare situations and just restarting the services to do so.

Maintenance -> System -> Platform ->  Restarting services

Of course, you can have a couple of other reasons to deny the connection. But when you're very sure of the configuration of WTS it is worth a try, just to restart.

Hope this will work out for you !!!



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