My computer is restarting by itself

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My computer is restarting by itself after a few hours of usage. Does my computer have problem? How can I fix it?

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My computer is restarting by itself


Typically, computers reboot or automatically restart when encountering a STOP error or system "Blue Screen of Death – most frequently connected to equipment which causing the computer to stop responding in order to avoid irreversible damage to hardware or data .

  • There are several reasons that can cause a like this problem for your PC and behave strangely.
  • It may be infected with a virus.
  • The device driver problems.
  • Programs Installed not  compatible with your Operation System.
  • Hardware or corrupted files in your PC registry.

To solve this problem's follow the following steps :

  • You must Scan your computer for viruses. Make sure the antivirus installed on your computer is running at all times and updated regularly with License Key.
  • If you noticed your PC started having problems after you installed that “new software”, remove or uninstall that program.
  • Troubleshoot hardware problems.

    • A computer that suddenly restarts by itself can be a clear sign of hardware malfunction: Check your hard drive, power supply unit or fan.
    • If your system overheats, your PC will automatically restart. Make sure to clean your air vents as this can be a cause of overheating.
  • Clean the registry for corrupted files.

    • Corrupted or invalid files can also cause your computer to act weird. You can try to fix the problem by manually checking the registry, but it is highly recommended that you do this if you really know what you’re doing as cleaning out the registry can cause serious problems  if done incorrectly. You can however use a registry cleaner utility as an alternative.
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My computer is restarting by itself



Hello Mia,
This is the most common problem but every problem has a solution. 
You might have noticed that every-time your computer restarts abruptly, but actually you could not find out the reason.
Computer restarts due to many reasons:
1.Overheating of motherboard
2.Faulty RAM, 
3.Faulty Hard-disk- bad-sectors on hard-disk , 
4.Overheating of hard-disk,  
5.Hardware problem and many more.
It also restarts when you attach some external USB device or the other software that crashes the operating system.
Sometimes, Virus is also a main cause of system restart.
Following are the Solutions: 
1. Overheating of Motherboard- Check the cooling fan is working properly or not. If not then change the fan immediately.
2. Faulty RAM means RAM goes faulty. If your computers motherboard support dual channel memory, then for best performance you should install two identical RAM modules .It will solve your issue very well.
3. To fix faulty Hard-disk issue you may Run a hard disk scan. It will also enhance the performance of your system.
4. Attachment of some external USB device sometimes create a problem thus how to fix this issue you can check it by yourself, first of all remove all external USB devices and after that insert them one by one. 
5. The most common problem with every computer system is the virus issue thus to fix it you can install latest antivirus which are readily available.
Hope this solution will be helpful for you.
Thanks and Regards
Pike Hayt

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