Managing users from another forest using HTTPS

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Hi, everyone!

I am an IT graduate currently working in a new company. I was asked to manage users from another forest division but I only want to use a secure connection, particularly HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). Is it possible to do so? 

I really want to keep all transactions secure and safe from intruders. Please tell me if this can be done.


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Managing users from another forest using HTTPS


Hello there Gabmor,

There is nothing wrong with what you want to achieve. It is better if you would choose to make a secure connection like HTTPS that is if what you want to accomplish is by using online. HTTPS can secure online transactions and the website will encrypt the session with a digital certificate.

So it can be done if these transactions happen to be online.

Hope I had help you with this

Regards Ronald

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Managing users from another forest using HTTPS



Thank you very much for your question. You want to use HTTPS which is a widely used protocol for secured communication. It is very popular and safe communications protocol.

You can use this without any worries. It allows you to communicate with people over great range of computer online. So I think its perfectly alright to use HTTPS  as a secured communication media.

Hope that I could help you.

Thank you.

Berta R Cahill

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Managing users from another forest using HTTPS



I hope you have a good day! I have read your questions, and I understand that you're looking for a secure and safe connection. You also mentioned HTTPS, but I would recommend that you use HTTP, rather than HTTPS. HTTP is a secure connection, and it is probably safe from intruders, because HTTP has security software tools like Tenable Nessus and the Microsoft UrlScan Security Tool.

Also, HTTP is safe for sending personal information to a website. I understand that HTTPS encrypts information for security. You don't need to worry about using HTTPS, because it is secure for ecommerce transactions, like online banking. I hope this information helps you a lot.

Ppercy George

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