How will I reset WiFi password

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My older brother is a security freak.

He changes our WiFi password daily to the point no one knows the password anymore not even him.

Can anyone help us on how to change or reset the WiFi password?

Step by step instructions would be helpful.

Authentication Required

The server requires a username and password. 

The server says: Prestige 660HW-61,

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How will I reset WiFi password


Hi Jeffrey,

There is a way to reset the password of your WiFi router in case you had lost and forgotten the password to access your router. On the back part of a router there is a reset button usually named reset that is usually a big enough button to press with your own finger or a hole just big enough to fit a toothpick or paper clip though. To reset you either have to press the reset button or press and hold the button for 5 to 30 seconds, depending on the manufacturer. This should reset all the settings of your WiFi router to its default settings. 

You have to take note however that when you reset the settings of your router to their default settings you will lose all custom settings that you have made and will have to redo everything.


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How will I reset WiFi password


Router has internal settings, only accessible if you can get pass the Authentication page. Most log-in usernames and passwords for router uses admin for username and password for password or either of the 2, depending on what type of router you have.

A simple reset of the router will set the configuration back to its factory default settings. Eventually, if you are  going to perform these steps, you Internet connection will be interrupted. Once you lose your Internet connection, a manual settings needs to be done or you'll need to re-install with the CD that is provided by the router manufacturer. After you have re-installed, you should be able to take control back of the log-in, change it if you want and the Internet connection should be back up and running.

Log-in to GUI, and set the configuration to either DHCP, PPOE or Static. This depends on what Internet protocol type your Internet service provide uses. These settings are important for you, to gain back the Internet connection. You can set-up WiFi password and customize the network name.

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