The main LogMeIn free Group Policy (GPO)

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I am trying to figure out what are the main LogMeIn free Group Policy (GPO)? How to deploy MSI file via Group Policy (GPO)? Please suggest.

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The main LogMeIn free Group Policy (GPO)



Here's my suggestion for your concern please follow the steps on how to deploy the MSI file using GPO.

First. From the domain controller, open the group policy option then locate the containers with the computers that will be receiving this deployment. In this example, we're trying to deploy to the workstation container.

steps on how to deploy the MSI file using GPO

Right click on the container you're deploying to, and select Create and Link to Group policy.


Enter the name of the New Group Policy 

My test Deployment

On the sample, the new group policy name as "MyTestDeployment" then double click that object.

Software Installation

Here's the window where you can configure your group policy object (GPO). In case you want to select COMPUTER CONFIGURATION –> SOFTWARE SETTING –> SOFTWARE INSTALLATION. Then right click on SOFTWARE INSTALLATION and select NEW –> PACKAGE.

Windows installer packages

Once the common dialog prompts, locate and select the MSI file (the package) to be deployed. Example: LogmeInFree.msi

the package to be deployed

Once you have been selected the MSI package, you will be asked to select the deployment method. It should leave it on the default "Assigned" and click OK.

The system will check the package and make sure it is appropriate for deployment.

If in case, while I run into an installer that wouldn't deploy something was corrupted somewhere in the creation process. In that case, try to download the file from the source again and repeating the new package step. Make sure that MSI file is 100% working to avoid this kind of problem.

Adobe Flash Player

If you see the application (sample adobe flash player) on the right, as shown on the picture, you've done everything successful. Now close all windows that you've opened.

All the system on the selected container will get the package on the next reboot after that group policy settings are updated.

Sometimes the group policy can take time to apply to the system, so if you want to test it you can go to test client and open a command prompt and type gpupdate /force then reboot. You'll see the installation occur before you logon on windows.

Thank you.

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