Mac screen is going crazy

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I don't know any other better way to describe it other than to say the screen on my Mac is going crazy. It was working fine, then it got all distorted with strange colors. I'm thinking I may need to replace the video card….anyone have any thoughts on this or has replacing the video card helped?  I've already tried rebooting and that didn't help.  Thanks.

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Mac screen is going crazy

Happy to support you!
You can try following these strategies,
  • First of all, scan the computer to detect any viral attack for causing the issue.
  • If there are extra monitor adapters and cords available, you can try connecting them.
  • Check whether the GPU is free from dust and the fans are functioning properly.
  • Also, try reducing the refresh rate and increasing the resolution to the maximum level possible and then, restart the computer.
If all these strategies fail to solve the issue, you would need contact for technical support.

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