Error with Digi002 Rack in Mac Pro

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Running PT9 LE with the toolkit of full production, on an Intel Mac Pro (4-core, 16gb of ram), which has four years with a Digi002 Rack. I am running the system from a disk SSD OWC, and all samples and audio files are in other SATA disk drives.
These are the two errors that appear all the time, especially the upper error (-6093).

Pro Tools also occasionally lose contact with Digi002, and i have to reboot and reload the meeting. I've tried running a Pro I/O tools of aggregate and the buffering errors are even worse.

When i have a lot of intensive virtual instruments and plugins running, PT is slow when you stop and start the playback and that is to be expected, but if i can upload a virtual instrument (such as vacuum or Xpand2) at a meeting of empty, i am going to start to get the errors. I've tried all the remedies that i have never read and i'm simply sick and tired of this. Constantly makes me angry when I'm trying to work. Sometimes even i go to these errors when I am working on projects post-sound, without the use of any virtual instrument.

So my question is, what is more likely that is going to fix this problem if you throw money away on the?

A new system native PT HD will correct the problem?

A new 12 core Mac Pro will fix the problem?

Does a new MBox Pro will fix the problem?

Thanks for reading.

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Error with Digi002 Rack in Mac Pro



As what the image is saying, it seems that the software you are using uses very little amount of CPU which is, of course, not enough for the application to run smoothly and I’m sure you already seen and experienced the lag on the program as you use it. This only happens when you run your software together with other different programs at one instance. The reason for the slowness is because the processor or the CPU needs to divide or split its processing powers between the applications presently running.

The more programs you run, the slower it gets for the application. And with a little more abuse on the usage will totally crash the system. One of the suggestions on the second dialog box on your image, the one at the bottom, suggests increasing the Playback Engine’s CPU usage. I’m not sure if this will work if you still have other programs running. The suggestion on the first dialog box says increasing the hardware’s buffer size which I think somehow will work. But still the lag is present. So to fix your problem, avoid running other unnecessary applications besides the one you are using so it can use as much CPU as it needed.

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