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I'm not a fan of playing games and I don't mod or tweak a desktop.  I want a desktop that can fulfill my every day computing task like creating a text document, browsing the net, and probably watching videos. I also want a low powered desktop to save in electricity consumption.

What computer specification is suggested for my desktop needs?

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Hello Alec Hughes,

     Nowadays, a line of microprocessors have emerged in the market that are eco-friendly meaning they consume less power than any other kind of processors. Probably, it can cut or lessen our electric bills if we are going to use this kind of process. With the accompaniment of other hardwares which consumes less energy, electric bills should significantly be different now and then. Invest in the Intel Core i series. Not only they consume less power but also they perform really good. Also, go for a LED monitor. It consumes less power than any other type of monitor. Just choose the parts which has energy star seals; they are certified eco-friendly. Anyway, this should probably lessen your electricity consumption, but don't get to ambitious. You might be thinking that it will already consume electricity very low; you see, there are a lot of parts that comprise a desktop PC; thus, each part would consume a reasonable amount of energy; thus, it will still consume a significant amount of energy. Instead of a desktop PC, why don't you buy a laptop. It consumes much less than a desktop PC. Anyway, if you are going to buy a pc, then refer to this link. It contains energy saving tips that should help you a lot.

Hope this helps.

>>Tron Len<<