Hard drive creating bad noise

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Hello Dears,

I’m using a Samsung SP2504C 250GB SATA hard disk. It was working fine until last week. But currently it starting to create some noise likes ‘tik tik tik’ and the process gets slower than before. Its passed the warranty 15 month ago, and I’ve heard that it’s the dead end for this hard disk.

So is there any way to repair it.

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Hard drive creating bad noise


Here's how:

1. run free harddrive diagnostic software, already available on many PC's or available on the Internet. Additionally, more advanced diagnostic software is available for a cost from third party software developers.

Note: At best, diagnostic software will only mark the areas of the hard drive that are failing as bad and prevent the computer from using in the future. It will not truly fix a hard drive that is physically failing.

2.  If any corrections made by the diagnostics software do not temporarily resolve the hard drives, do al complete backup of your system and replace the hard drive immediately.

3. If diagnostic software helps resolve the clicking, grinding or squealing noises keep in mind that this is only a temporary solution. Chances are the hard drive will continue to fail until it is completely unusable.

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