Lost of DATA files after the restore

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Hi, I did a system restore and now I some of the DATA files are gone and the PC doesn't allow me to install any application. Please help. Thanks

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Lost of DATA files after the restore


Hey Mandy!

It is a common problem for all that whenever they restore their system, they lost some of Data their Data files. Well you can recover it with the help of some softwares. There are many softwares available in the market that can help you to recover your files.

I will recommend the software which I often used to recover my files. This software is very easy to use and is very user friendly. The name of the software is Data Recovery. You can download it from the internet or you can buy a CD for this software.

Anyways what you need to do is to follow these simple steps to recover your files.

1. Launch the Data Recovery, you will see four options, select Raw file Recovery.

2. Now select the partition from where you want to recover your files.

3. Now click on start button to scan.

4. Once Scan is completed, check those files which you want to recover, and press the Recover button

That’s it!



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Lost of DATA files after the restore


That’s how System Restore works. It restores the computer to a previous state when a user encounters a problem and thinking that restoring the computer to a specific date is the only way to fix it. Doing this can disable an application from working. If this happens, just uninstall and install back the affected application. Restoring the computer to a previous state does not uninstall a program nor delete files on the computer.

Any personal files you have will remain intact and unmodified after the restoration. System Restore only make changes to the system files, installed programs, and registry settings. If you say you cannot install new programs on the computer after the restoration then you are probably using a limited account not an administrator account. Only the administrators are allowed to perform program installations on the computer.

If you want to install some applications back and you are not the administrator, ask the administrator to install the programs for you.

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