Program that remembers folders opened recently?

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I am looking for a program that can remember folders that were opened recently or the last window that was navigated, the program should be compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7, there is one that I came across but it was a bit outdated.

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Program that remembers folders opened recently?


I tried searching the web for an application that can do the task you mentioned and luckily I found one that actually do the same thing you want.

But unfortunately, the program only works with Macintosh OS and is totally not for you since you want it with Windows XP and with Windows 7. The next application I found has very limited system compatibility because it only works with Windows 7. The program’s name is ShellFolderFix.

This application is designed mainly for Windows 7 because of its Explorer’s annoying behavior. On previous Windows versions, like Windows XP for example, the operating system is able to remember the folder’s view settings. And this is the feature that lacks in Windows 7.

Maybe Microsoft intentionally removed it because it occupies or eats a certain amount of memory or maybe just totally forgot about it. But whatever reasons they have, most of the users of Windows 7 are annoyed because of this change in the operating system’s Explorer.

To know more about ShellFolderFix and to download it as well, you may visit here.

Since the above application only works with Windows 7, there is also another way of doing it in Windows XP. The process requires you to add an item in these registry locations:



For the complete instructions on how to properly do it on Windows XP and to download some of the available programs as well, you may visit here.

By default, in Windows XP, it can remember 400 folders.

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Program that remembers folders opened recently?


Dear David,

Trust me you don’t need a separate program to see the recent programs (files or folders) opened on Windows 7 or XP.

Both the operating systems provide you facilities to see recent items which are stored in your computer itself.

To search such items please follow these steps:

1. Click Windows key and “r” to run the search bar (See the image below),

2. Copy paste either of the text there –

%AppData%MicrosoftWindowsRecent Items or

C:UsersSmartAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsRecent Items to open the recent items folder.

You can see recent items opened in the folder.

Start then Run

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