Looking for Help in “Advanced Networking”

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My problem is quite a tough one so I am seeking for advices from those hard-core and experienced networking professionals. This is regarding the situation in our office, where the networking setup can be labeled as "Advanced Networking".

My client once sold his business and has now gotten it back under his control. They want the office network layout to be setup back to their original one and totally take down the current one. There are about 7 offices in the area which would soon be occupied by different "tenants".

These tenants will have access to both wired and wireless internet, and can connect to 1 shared printer (1 printer 1 plotter). However, each of these tenants are supposed to be blind from one another's data and shouldn't see each other.

Currently, I'm at a loss on how to draw the new setup where all control is at the "landlords" side only and the tenants have absolutely nothing to do with anything.

Network gurus, would greatly appreciate your ideas how to make this possible.

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Looking for Help in “Advanced Networking”


If you want the tenants to be blind from each other’s data and they shouldn’t see each other, you should use the firewall of the system and block all the incoming packets.

For this your Windows firewall should be turned on.  When the firewall is running, you can create rules as to how to stop certain incoming connections in Inbound rules in Advanced Settings of Windows Firewall.

Happy Computing 🙂

-Jack Hostler

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