How can I configure LANDesk network Protocol?

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Hi there!

I am having a team of workers stationed in different places and I would like to implement a LANDesk network protocol for a more efficient way of working and sharing of files and documents. Is there anyone who can give step by step instructions on how to set it up? I will really appreciate. Thanks big time.

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How can I configure LANDesk network Protocol?



I have read your question about LANDesk Network protocol. You have to complete the steps that I will be providing. This should be performed after you have set up your LANDesk
Management Gateway Appliance. 
1. Turn on your LANDesk Management Gateway.
2. If you choose to browse the LANDesk Management Gateway from another computer, Type this into the address bar of your browser and hit Enter.
3. Login with the default username and password (admin).
4. Make sure to read and accept the license agreement.
5. Now from the LANDesk Management Gateway device, click System.
6. Go to Network settings.
7. Under Device settings, distinguish the IP address, netmask and gateway for Eth0 and click Add.
8. And on the DNS settings, just add any DNS server to the list by adding IP address and clicking the Add button.
9. On the Hostname settings, simply enter the hostname and the domain and Save.
Now you have to activate the LANDesk Management Gateway. If you wish to activate your LANDesk Management Gateway using direct access to the internet, You can do That using the product key code 
that came with the device when you purchased it. However, If you don't have direct access to the internet, You can still activate it manually using email.
Activation using product key code:
1. From your LANDesk Management Gateway device, Click on Activation and then choose Activate now.
2. Enter the Organization ID as well as your Activation key code.
(You can access the licensing information that will be sent to LANDesk by clicking View activation information before you send.)
3. Then click Activate online.
Activation using email
1. From your LANDesk console, click Activation.
2. Select Install activation.
3. A PGP encoded text file(ldmg_activation.req) will appear. This is the file required for activation. Click Save activation request and the file to your hard drive.
4. Attach the text file(ldmg_activation.req) to an email message and send to [email protected] It doesn't matter what the subject and body are.
(LANDesk will process your email and the attachment and reply with an attached authorization file.
5. Simply follow the activation instructions that will be included in the email.

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