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I successfully moved GP9 from Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003 server before I upgrade to GP10. However, when I try to log on to GP on the new server it messages me that my license is only for MDSE. I checked the license information on both servers and it was same. Both servers are running the same version GP9. Is there anything that I should do with this issue?

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The problem may be that the license is meant to be used only on MDSE and therefore it will not work when you use it on GP9. But if the vendor that you purchased these applications from assured you that the license is applicable to both, or if you have used the license before then the cause of the problem may be something else. Either the license has reached its expiry date and therefore cannot be used anymore, a case that will need you to renew the license, or you may be entering the license details wrongly.

In case the error persists it will be better if you contact the vendor that sold you the applications and let them help you fix that issue.

-Richard Gabriel

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Thank you, I double checked the license details and there are details that i missed to enter. So i re enter the details correctly, the problem that has been bugging me has been resolved. Great site, Techyv