Window server error saying Port Already Open

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Hello, am having some trouble, I run my computer everyday without it being idle for a single hour and I am using KWF 6 for passing through my gateway and running on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.

But now I keep getting an error message stating; Port Already Open.

It’ll be a pleasure to get help with any type of solution.

Thank You.


 WinRoute Driver: TcpInfoInit: TCP driver is already opened
 WinRoute Driver: RtAllocateAndReadRtTable: Unable to read forward table !

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Window server error saying Port Already Open



These are the ways that you may be able to close that open port that is bugging you

1. By router access list(AL)

2. By closing using firewall. The procedure will be

 a. Go to start

 b. Click on control panel

 c. Look for security settings and go to window firewall

 d. Click remove port.


You must know the port number

When removing port the computer will prompt you to put port number

You should also know the protocol whether it is TCP or UDP

3. Using net work connection where you will follow the following

a. Go to control panel

b. Go to network connection|TCP/IP|properties|Advanced|Options|

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Window server error saying Port Already Open

"Error: port in use "
"OpenComm: Port already open".
these errors can happen when Rnaapp.exe is active in memory.
To solve this issue, follow these steps:
1 Press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the task manager
2 click on process tab
3 Check and Click Rnaapp from the list and click end task.
Now please check again to find the problem exist, if exist please leave a reply.
Hope these helped.

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