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Hi there everyone! The EraserDrop Portable's latest version is indeed very helpful but the problem it does not work when I use it in my iPad. Any solutions? Thanks! 

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Hi there! It doesn’t work because EraserDrop Portable works only on the following OS: 32 bit Windows 7, 64 bit Windows 7, 32 bit Windows Vista, 64 bit Windows Vista and Windows XP.So instead, why don’t you try to look for ProtectStar iShredder on the Apps Store. It does the same job as the EraserDrop. But aside from the usual data it erases, it also erases browser history, messaging logs, call history and a lot more. Just like EraserDrop, it employs erasing methods that can erase data in such a way that the deleted files cannot be recovered anymore. I used it in my iPad and it worked.