Laptops always showing black screen

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After an hour of using my laptop.

It always show a black screen, but it is working.

You will just not see anything on the screen.

How to solve this ?

Do you think that this might have a connection with laptop overheating ?

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Laptops always showing black screen


Hi Antonio Philippe,

That could really be a problem since your laptop is still working though the screen is completely black. Actually, this has been a problem of a lot of users already. There could be a lot of reason why it suddenly turned black.

We can assume that it is due to a corrupt file in your system, but if it was a crash, then it should have probably restarted or shut down; thus, this is surely not caused by a corrupt file in your system.

It can also because of the backlight of your computer. Maybe, it is damaged; thereby, causing your screen to turn black, but it only happens every time you use it for an hour so it basically means that it may not be your backlight that is causing the problem. If it was, then it should have remained black. The last reason could be because of excessive charging.

If ever the laptop is fully charges, it stops the current from going to the other parts of the laptop, but due to the fact that the screen consumes most of the power, surges of electric power is directly transferred to it, and when it receives too much power, it tends to function improperly causing your laptop to go black.

If this happens, then you should remove the battery of the laptop as well as the plug of its power. Press the power button for not less than a minute. After it, return the battery, and turn your computer on. I ever this solves your problem, then I suggest you replace your battery. Hope this works.

Mathew Joni

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Laptops always showing black screen


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