My Sony Vaio doesn’t turn on

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I bought a Sony Vaio vgn FS660/w a year ago. A few days ago the power supply/cord started getting very hot.

It became finicky, and I would have to wiggle the power cord connecter to get it to register as being plugged in. A couple of days of this go by and one night when i shut down the laptop it never turned back on again.

Even when plugged in, the charging light doesn't appear .It's just dead.

If anyone knows a fix please let me know.

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My Sony Vaio doesn’t turn on


Dear Curiben

To answer this you need to check your battery first. As you mentioned in the question I believe your battery has damaged due to your bad adapter. The first thing that you need to check is your battery.

Can you find any similar laptop among your friend to check your battery. Or try with another power adapter. Due to the adapter you batter may dead. Sometimes you will able to charge it and use it, but continually work with damaged adapters is extremely dangerous for the better because most of the time these kind of situations have ended with battery damaged.

The best thing is to go to a technician to check your battery


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My Sony Vaio doesn’t turn on


The power connector might have wires burned out inside. This causes the power cord not able to transmit electric source from the power adapter to your computer.

Hold on the power tight and try to wiggle it again, to see if the possible problem is just a loose cable connector.

If there is no response and the power doesn't light up, replace the power cord and try to check it again.

This is a common issue when using a desktop computer, it happens more often in our office. Most of our computer's monitor is not turning on. Some are the actual desktop it is not turning on. But this can be fixed by simply replacing the power cord and try using a different power adapter or a power source.

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