Add 3G Modem To My Laptop

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I have an eMachines D730 that I would like to have a network connection even though I'm not in a WiFi Hotspot.

How can I add a 3G Modem to my Laptop?

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Add 3G Modem To My Laptop



Connect you laptop to internet using a 3G modem is possible, to do this, you should make sure you have the below prerequisites:

•    3G handset (mobile phone, Smartphone…) with built-in modem, or 3G USB dongle
•    Access to a 3G network (you do better to apply for a flat subscription to you 3G mobile operator)

Now you will need to configure you 3G modem (handset or USB dongle) on your laptop, usually, the handsets and/or USB dongles are provided with a CD that contains the needed software and drivers to configure it as modem, all you need is go through it.

Once you have installed that software, connect your Handset or USB dongle to your laptop, the Handset can be connected to the laptop using an USB cable or even Bluetooth; you may choose the one that suit to your needs, the USB dongle is connected directly, you can start browsing by lunching the software that you have installed.

Another option is now available on some Smartphone, the Tethering, using this feature you can turn you Smartphone to a Wi-Fi hotspot, all you need is to install the needed Tethering software or application on you Smartphone, turn it on, and you Smartphone will be a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can connect to internet through it, you and your friends at same time.


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