Java Web Start and Security check

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Hello Techyv Users,

I am fresh to Java and need to know more about Java Web Start and Security check and how it protects the users against malicious code applications. If anyone is used to this, please provide your personal opinion about, how secured are the applications deployed through Java Web Start.

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Anthony E Cisneros

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Java Web Start and Security check

Hello Anthony,
Nice question. Java is one of the most popular API running platforms that run on all OSs. Java Web Start is a nice technique to run Java apps online through browsers. According to old experience, hackers or other malicious attacks can happen through browsing and might cause a huge loss.
So, Oracle has developed it with a more powerful detection system that helps to easily detect the behavior of running code.
If any of the codes behave just like hacking or malicious activities, Java Web Start stops it to disable any threat.
Also, if any API wishes to run without security certificate, it also shows warning message that also helps to choose what to do.
I think it is a good technique for web developers to serve people more dynamic features and stop spreading malware.

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