ITunes installer need Windows Vista 64-bit edition

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When I try to install iTunes in the computer, I ended up with an error message. I got this error message in the middle of installation process. I have recently upgraded my system to latest version. For your information, I have Windows Vista operating system 64-bit. How do I install iTunes without any problem? Please guide me. Thanks.


iTunes + QuickTime

This iTunes installer requires that your computer is running Windows Vista 64-bit

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ITunes installer need Windows Vista 64-bit edition


iTunes is a nice software that is available on both Windows 32-bit and 64-bit environment. It sounds like you’re using a 64-bit iTunes installer that is developed to run on Windows Vista 64-bit.

First, try this installer. This is the official iTunes installer for Windows. Download iTunes.

After you’ve installed iTunes, you can install QuickTime separately. To install QuickTime, download the installer. Download QuickTime.

Now you should have enjoyed both at the same time.

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ITunes installer need Windows Vista 64-bit edition


I’m sorry but I think that’s not possible. If you are indeed using 64-bit Microsoft Windows Vista, iTunes will not trigger that error. Also, in iTunes, the application is separated into two different versions and they are downloaded separately. This means, there is a 32-bit iTunes and there is a 64-bit iTunes. You can never install them on the wrong operating system.

You cannot run the 32-bit iTunes installer on 64-bit Microsoft Windows because it will trigger an error. This also goes to the 64-bit iTunes. To verify whether you are using 64-bit Windows Vista or 32-bit Windows Vista, right-click “My Computer” and select “Properties”. In System Properties window, under “General” tab, you should see without quotes “64-bit” displayed on the screen.

This indicates that you are indeed using 64-bit Windows Vista. But if you don’t see “64-bit” anywhere on the screen that means you are using 32-bit Windows Vista and that’s the cause of the error. To fix the problem, go to Download iTunes to get the latest version of iTunes.

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