My iTunes Album Art Problem

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Whenever I update my library and add new songs, some of the album arts are gone and some are replaced with another but from a different artist. How to solve this?


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My iTunes Album Art Problem


You will get the artwork already attached with the iTunes if you buy the same from store. Therefore, you need not to modify anything. However, if you desire you can buy a CD, import them to your iTunes, and add the artwork.

If you explode a CD in the drive iTunes will by default search the track names. In this position, artwork is not responsible for this. After introducing the album, you can edit the CD.

However, for automatic downloading the missing album you should go to the artwork option. Click ok. While importing the CD you will set all the functions in it manually to get better result.

For getting visual experience anywhere, you need to synchronize it in accordance with your Mac. However, you need to follow the under mentioned process to create music library art-filled.

Make sure that your Mac is connected with internet and with fire up iTunes. Now choose the Get Album Artwork option from the Advanced menu.

Note that the media library is not memorized by Apple.

Here you will get some other options and select them and choose your better one.

You can utilize Amazon for the purpose. It is also a great source of cover artwork. You can download the necessary tools for the purpose from the net.

As well as iTunes' built-in album art search, various people have written scripts that attempt to do the same thing.

Fetch Art is one such example that is worth trying – even though it searches, Amazon in the same way that the above widget does, its results differed. It is available from, and although it has not been updated for a while, it works with iTunes 10.

When you install it, it will appear in iTunes' Script menu in the menu bar. Select a single track or album and choose the Fetch Art option. Its results will appear in a new window, and if you like what you see, simply click Copy to iTunes.

If you have followed the previous steps, your library's artwork should be more or less complete. If there are a few straggler tracks still without artwork, you can add them manually.

To make things a bit easier for yourself, why not install another script, which will put all tracks missing art into a single playlist, so you have them all in one place. Get the script from here. Copy it to your Library/iTunes/Scripts folder to make it appear in iTunes' Script menu.

In your iTunes library, press Command + A to select all your songs, then go to Script menu > Find songs w-o artwork.

To get the missing art for each track, type the artist and album name into Google Images (or if you've caught the scripts bug, there's one that performs the search for you available here) and click the one you want.

On the right of the new window that opens, click Full-size image, then right-click (or Ctrl+click) the cover art, select Copy Image and switch back into iTunes. Highlight the track, right-click the artwork area in the lower left corner and choose Paste.

Repeat this process for your remaining tracks – it may seem tedious, but just think of the looks on your friends' and relatives' faces as you nonchalantly flip through in Cover Flow mode. You know it's worth it.

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My iTunes Album Art Problem


Hi Charles,

I tell you a little strange way of doing it:

1. Open a photo editing program say photoscape or even paint,

2. Choose the artwork that is not working,

3. Click Save as,

4. Replace the original photo,

5. Go in album art photo folder, open it and copy it,

6. Go to iTunes,

7. Right click on the album which is not running,

8. Click get info,

9. Edit all songs,

10. Paste the new photo into the get info place.

I hope it shall work for you.

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My iTunes Album Art Problem



Maybe you want iTunes will automatically search the album art for you. Anyway, I recommend you to go this Techyv post because this post is also addressed about this . Go that page and get more help.

Synch Album Art With Playlist?

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