The iTunes Library file cannot be saved

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Hi, I use ITunes for my iPod player.  When I want to save some libraries, I meet an error.  The error message box appeared on my screen, it said that it cannot save the library, herewith my post is the error message screen shot.


The iTunes Library file cannot be saved. An unknown error occurred

When I look upon the error message, it is not clear to what process has caused the error, since it did not state the cause of the error, this being my first time to see such an error.

I restarted my computer to refresh the memory, but same thing happens, even when I tried  saving the library.  

Please share some ideas on this issue I posted, many thanks.


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The iTunes Library file cannot be saved


As far as I know, what underlies the iTunes Library's failure of saving is that,  the space of your  iPod may be full. You could try the following steps  to check.

On one hand remove or delete some seldom-used or rarely-open files, which may be useful in future but not that primary,  in the very computer disk where you locate your iTunes file, so that space can be released for your coming iTunes Library files.

On the other hand, you could try to move the iTunes Library file to an even larger disk, in order to ensure that there will always be enough space for it.

Tips: If this problem happens again, just try to move all the worthless files away.

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The iTunes Library file cannot be saved



I have this trick that might as well help you.

Only manageable for Windows version. First ensure the iTunes is closed. Move to the desktop, the My Documents/My Music/iTunes/iTunes files. After that, start up the iTunes; this action will create files. From the file of iTunes select the import menu. From there choose .xml instead of text. Then lastly select the iTunes Music Library.xml.

I hope there will be no more errors that will engage after performing this trick.

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