IPhone 4 battery charger charges slower than other iPhone

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Hello, I am quite fond of iPhones but the iPhone 4 that I am currently using is giving me a rough time. The problem with this phone is that it takes an unusually long time to get fully charged. On average the battery’s charge percentage is at around 50%. I have tried using a variety of chargers including one for iPhone 3 but none of these seem to reduce the amount of time taken to charge. I have the original iPhone 4 charger makes a certain hissing sound when charging. Does anyone know what this implies and what is causing my iPhone to charge slowly?

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IPhone 4 battery charger charges slower than other iPhone


Hi Charmaine,

Usually, when we first purchase an iPhone we were advised to charge it for 8 hours straight. Only after that we can use the device. Some people tend to not follow that and tend to encounter issues with their phone batteries on a latter time.

You may want to try the charger on another phone and see if it’s the same result. Another thing you may want to take a look at the cables. Usually, what happens to the cables is that the ends connecting it to the phone and the end connecting it to the usb gets folder. Thus damaging the coating and the wires eventually come out. This may need replacement.


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