An Introduction To Computer Virus, Worm, And Trojan Horse

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What do you mean by a computer virus, a worm, and a Trojan horse? What is the difference between each one of them?

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An Introduction To Computer Virus, Worm, And Trojan Horse



A computer virus travels from one computer to another by attaching itself to some file that is transferred from one PC to another with the help of external memory devices. A worm is same as a computer virus by design and is a type of a virus. It also spreads from PC to PC, but it can travel without any human action i.e. without manually transferring files using external devices. A Trojan Horse is any code/program that contains harmful code in such a way that it acquires control and does its chosen form of damage.

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An Introduction To Computer Virus, Worm, And Trojan Horse


What you mentioned are kinds of viruses. A Trojan horse is a malicious program or a harmful code that is confined inside an actually safe program or data in such a way that it can gain control and perform its selected damage like for example damaging the file system of a hard drive. It can be widely distributed as part of a computer virus.

The term Trojan horse comes from the Greek mythology about the Trojan War as mentioned in the Odyssey by Homer and told in the Aeneid by Virgil. The legend says the citizens of Troy were presented with a large wooden horse by the Greeks. They don’t know that the Greeks hid their warriors inside the wooden horse.

When the night comes, the warriors appeared from the wooden horse and overran the city. A worm is a type of computer virus that replicates itself. It is a type of self-replicating virus that doesn’t infect files but lives in active memory and duplicates itself. My computer was once infected by a worm and the antivirus can’t immediately remove all the infection because it replicates very fast.

It normally targets the System Volume Information folder located in the root of the hard drive because it is where the System Restore information are stored. Worms use parts of an operating system that are normally invisible or hidden to the user and are automatic. Normally, when their uncontrolled replication eaten system resources, slowing or stopping other task, that’s the only time that the worm can be noticed.

A computer virus is a programming code that replicates by inserting or copying itself to another program, document, or boot sector. It can be transmitted as attachments to an email, in a downloaded file, or from removable media such as USB flash drives that contain infected files.

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