Keeping Smartphones Safe from Malware

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Are there ways to protect smartphones from viruses and Malware's? 

What do I need to do to avoid viruses and Malware's from infecting my smartphone?

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Keeping Smartphones Safe from Malware


Hi Bertharcummings,

I think you need to know the threat you are facing to have more concern about security.

Getting viruses and malware on your Smartphone can lead to data loss, balance loss, private and sensitive data leaks and even unfunctioning handset.

To better secure your phone you need to find the best antivirus application for the platform of your phone. Google may be your best friend in this type of work. Some of the biggest names you will find for most platforms are Norton, McAfee among others.

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Keeping Smartphones Safe from Malware

Hello Bertharcummings,
Keeping your Smartphone safe from malware, viruses or threats are really essential. This could save you money and possibly your life especially if your personal information gets in the wrong hands. 
Generally, like what you do with computers, you need to stay away from websites that has a lot of banner advertisements and free offers. If you want to do research you may go to known search engines and always consider the first 10 on top of the results.
Shut off your Smartphone's WiFi and Bluetooth feature if you don't really need to use it. In that way you can prevent intruders from sniffing into your phone.
In terms of applications, there are some security apps that are already out in the market to keep you secure. Here they are:
Trend Micro Mobile Security
Norton Smartphone Security
Kaspersky Mobile Security
Bitdefender Mobile Security
Avira Antivir Mobile

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