Enterprise Anti-Virus

Enterprise Anti-Virus

I wasn't familiar with some of the Antivirus Software that existed in the market. Although, I am curious about the Antivirus Softwares that providing the Free Antivirus and Keygen that you need to pay for monthly or yearly basis. Which has the better feature: Free Antivirus or Paid Keygens? If I'm using the Free Antivirus, will it provide almost the good security features as the Paid Keygens do? 

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I am planning to purchase Avast internet security antivirus Windows Server enterprise edition. Before purchasing I want to know that, what are the hardware requirements for Avast internet security antivirus Windows Server enterprise edition. To be more specific I want to ensure about three things, first is suitable Processor, second is RAM requirements and last is available disk space.

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Can I easily solve by free avast toolbar my virus problem on my computer?

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Hi everyone!

Our AVG enterprise license has just expired, so it is time for us to explore other enterprise-level anti-virus. I'm looking for an anti-virus that has the following features:

Superb anti-virus and spyware removal

Automatic virus definition update (no need to confirm whether I need an update or not)

Can be monitored online using either a smart phone or a remote pc.


Does anyone have recommendations? I would love to hear some!


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Hi there,

I'm trying to install Symantec Critical System Management Server (SCSP 5.2.6). The installation failed to complete and it gives an error message "Database Population Failed".

I checked the Microsoft SQL database and it is online. Don't know what to check next. Please help.

Error: “Database Population FAILED.” 




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