Internet Connection Not Permitted in installing Finale 2012

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I recently purchased Finale 2012. It was only now that I got time to download and install it on my PC.

But I was stuck with the error message that my internet connection is not permitted or dropped out.

I waited for few hours and try the install again but failed. I tried resetting my modem and still failed.

Clicking on the Retry button doesn’t seem to help as it was just opening the same error message.

How can I fix this? 

Download Finale 2012

Your internet connection seems to be not permitted or dropped out!

Please reconnect and click Retry to resume installation.

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Internet Connection Not Permitted in installing Finale 2012



The reason that you are having that problem is because of file that is corrupted or your Finale 2012 installer is not working properly.

Contact the provider of the installer or just simply follow the instruction that I will be giving.

Here is the solution in your problem.

1. Go to your control panel and look for the word Find and Fix problem.

2. There you will all the problems that your computer had or may encounter.

3. Look for the application you going to fix.

4. Now after select “Finale 2012”.

5. Double click “Finale 2012”.

6. After Double clicking the application you will a list of word that are checked. Search for a word that is unchecked or has a “X” on it.

7. If all of it is checked Click Explore additional options.

8. Then Choose try Troubleshooting as an administrator. If the application is still not working repeat step 1- step 7 and proceed to step 9.

9. Now Click “Run compatibility setting.

Good luck Contact for any further questions.

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