Which programming language is used to develop LimeWire? Which operating system is needed to set this up? What is Digital Audio Access Protocol (DAAP) and why is it needed? How many languages are available of LimeWire? What is FrostWare and why is this needed? Is it allowed unintentional sharing of documents or applications? Is it Multi-platform Based? What is Gnutella Network? Can I chat with this, How to do that? Can I access for free software updates? Thank You

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What is Limeware? What is it used for? Why was it in the midst of a controversial legal case in the year 2010? Is it still in use? Is it safe to use in the sense that is it free from spyware/adware? Is there a free version of this available currently on the internet?


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I love downloading music, currently I'am using a limewire in doing so. But I've heard of audio stream grab, and I want to try it. By the way, I used to get pissed off on those music that I want to download and yet when downloaded via Limewire, the file weren't the one that I'am searching. Here is my question, Where can I download this audio stream grab?

I know it works on by downloading music or audio file from streaming sites online.

But where can I download a free one legally?


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I'm only starting to learn and code in Java programming language. I have conquered simple programming constructs like branching and looping constructs, but I am having troubles with coding a simple game with a Fraction class.

Here's what I've come up with so far:

package test;

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Is Amazon Cloud music now a viable alternative to apples iTunes? The iTunes service originally premiered on the Mac with all the major record labels signing up for the service, can we expect an iTunes Match in the future?



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I have no info about lime wire.I want to know what is lime wire and where can i get it ? Is there any risks associated with using lime wire ?

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If the Limewire application shuts down, will I still be able to retrieve my music?

What are the steps to consider in retrieving it?

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I've been looking for software that will help me download music, movies and games. Thus, my friend told me about limewire and I installed it. I thought it was free then why am I being asked to pay? Give me some answers please. Thanks!

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I want to use this. But most of the people are saying not to go there it contains a lot of viruses. What's the truth ?

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Are we stealing something if we download MP3 and Video from internet?

If so, what are the penalties?

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