Error 16824 on Downloading Pez Desktop Update

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Hi all,

I was upgrading from v2 to new v3 beta of pez desktop, but I got this error message:

There was an error downloading the update Error# 16824.

I uninstalled the desktop and re downloaded it then it tried to upgrade and failed again.

Here is a picture to better describe my problem.

Any suggestions please!

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Error 16824 on Downloading Pez Desktop Update


Hey Chadwick

I noticed that your trying to update you Adobe Air client but, what seems to happen is that the version number was conflicted with the update causing it to fail. The best workaround in this type of situation to completely uninstall Adobe Air and clear your computers cache then followed by a full fresh install of Adobe Air.

This is a common type of problem with Adobe Air's update and Adobe is working closely to fix this common loop hole.

Clean your Cache :

To clear your computer's cache you will need a 3rd part application that can clean hidden folders and etc. One program I will recommend for you to use it called "Ccleaner". Its a light weight program ~5mb but, once it's install you can selection the options for a necessary cache cleanup.


Samuel Patterson

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Error 16824 on Downloading Pez Desktop Update


Do you mean the Prezi Desktop?

If you are using the Prezi desktop, there seems to be an OS incompatibility with the new version under Windows.

However, that was a year ago. And they said it has been fixed.

Well, since you are still getting the update error, the workaround before was to download and install the update manually. The employees of Prezi Desktop reported that the auto updater had problems, and as mentioned, it should have been fixed a year ago.

Download and install the update from here:

For more reference:

Known issues can be read here:
You may download the PDF manual here:
Get involved and help from the community and Prezi staff from here:
Get quick support directly from Prezi employees here:

*For those who are not familiar

Just what exactly is the Prezi Desktop?

Prezi Desktop makes it possible for an individual to create as well as save zooming presentations offline. A person can easily set up a Prezi Desktop on your laptop or computer under PC, Mac or Linux OS’s and save files in your machine, or upload those files to your account on

Features and limitations:

Produce, Modify and Show presentations offline using your laptop or desktop.

You can easily get prezi files (with *.pez extension) using your online account, and open those files in Prezi Desktop.

You may also convert process created in previous versions of Prezi Desktop to Prezi files uploading PDF files currently isn’t possible within the Desktop, just on

The actual system requirements are similar to Adobe AIR.

You can easily set up and make use of the Prezi Desktop on three laptops or computers with a single license.

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