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I am using the 64-bit edition of Windows Vista on my computer. I want to use this VPN client with my router, but NETGEAR does not offer any 64-bit version of the software, and the previous version does not install on my computer.

What should I do?



Failed to install adapter.

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Hello Alwyn.

If you really prefer Netgear ProSafe, then I'm afraid your only option is to purchase the latest version from Netgear VPNG05L:

The latest version clearly supports Windows Vista 64-bit.

Your other option is to change your Windows Vista to 32-bit so that you can install the version of the software on your CD and execute the upgrade that will automatically install the Vista-compatible version for you for free.

Yet another option is to try out free VPN clients such as:

Team Viewer 5, Wippien, LogMeIn Hamachi, or OpenVPN Shield Exchange

I will leave it up to you to research on what these free VPN products have to offer as each product has its own strengths and weaknesses depending on the intended use.